Mortgage News – Winter 2014

1. No deposit? Three ways for cash-poor investors to buy property now 2. Instant equity 3. Becoming an auction pro 4. Buying a bargain from the bank 5. Market update Dear Valued Clients, With chilly winter weather now set in, it’s a perfect opportunity to brighten up your home. Take a look at some ways we’ve found to get a high-end makeover on a shoestring budget! In this edition of Mortgage News we also look on the bright side for cash-poor investors. If you are having trouble saving for a deposit, we help you explore how you can speed up the process. And finally, we all love a bargain buy! Auctions can present a great opportunity to pick up a […]

Mortgage News – Autumn 2014

1. Taking the stress out of home loan statements 2. Achieving financial freedom 3. Attracting long term tenants 4. Self Employed does not mean on your own 5. Market Update   Dear Valued Clients, If the thought of a home loan application puts your head into a spin, this edition can help you get organised and make the whole process much less nerve racking. We also look at an alternative lending option for the self-employed who may not have the standard documents necessary to apply for a loan. We discuss a simple, low-risk repayment method that could prove to be an effective way to make a dent in your loan. If you wish to discuss anything outlined in this newsletter, […]

Mortgage News – Summer 2013

1. When was your last financial check-up? 2. Quick-fix home improvements 3. Controlling your credit cards 4. Selecting your perfect investment property 5 Market Update   Dear Valued Clients, Welcome to the summer edition of Mortgage News. With the start of the New Year, talk turns to resolutions and goals for the year ahead and now is the perfect time to evaluate your financial health. In this edition of Mortgage News we have provided you with a financial check-up to ensure you are on your way to achieving your goals in 2014. Summer is the ideal time to get those little jobs around the house done and add value to your property. In this edition we look at a number […]