Simply Living Newsletter – Winter 2018

Simply Living – Winter 2018 Welcome to our Winter issue! In this issue, we discuss the options available to you if you’re looking to buy property with others, whether it’s with a partner, spouse or a group of friends. We also talk you through the benefits of refinancing your property, for greater flexibility and a reduction in unnecessary costs. Break-ups are difficult enough, so we’ve put together some tips on how to make the financial aspects a little more straightforward. And lastly, we take a look at the ways in which the 2018 Federal Budget will affect the national property market and what this means for buyers and sellers. 1. Buying property with other people: Mine, yours or ours? When […]

Inspired Living Newsletter – Autumn 2017

Finance Edge’s Inspired Living – Autumn 2017 How to pay off your home loan sooner How brokers can help: commercial and asset finance Avoid confusion about home loan pre-approvals Understanding your borrowing capacity How to purchase an investment property The property market: looking back on 2016 Are you looking for ways to save on your mortgage? Try some of these tips. Increase your repayment amounts The simplest way to pay off your home loan sooner is to increase the amount you repay. By repaying more than the minimum you can cut the overall term of the loan and save thousands of dollars in interest. The more you pay off earlier on in your mortgage, the more you’ll save over time. […]

Perth Special Children’s Christmas Party

Finance Edge is proud to announce that it will be supporting the Perth Special Children’s Christmas Party for the eighth consecutive year. The party is aimed to put smiles on the faces of around 3000 children who have special needs and are suffering from life threatening illnesses. The event will take place on Sunday 25th November 2017 at the Perth Convention Centre. Here is a video showing the difference it made for many of Perth’s disadvantaged children: