Finance Edge can tell you if you’re paying too much in fees or interest, or if there are more suitable loan products available for your situation. We can also look at loan restructuring or debt consolidation to suit your needs.

We assess your financial position and can determine your maximum borrowing potential, taking into account a range of factors such as your available equity, income and expenditure.

If your parents own property, you could ask them to be your guarantor for security.

Yes, we recommend getting a Pre Approval to give you the Edge when negotiating your next property purchase and perhaps more importantly, to give the real estate agent the confidence to present your offer to the seller.

Finance Edge loan consultants are accredited with nearly 20 lending institutions, enabling us to source hundreds of loan products across various lenders. We listen to your needs and then offer you a wide choice of products that may be more suitable to your situation.

As different lenders have different lending policies, some lenders may be more flexible to your needs. Come and speak to one of Loan Consultants and we may be able to help you.

There are loans available for clients in your situation called ‘Lo Doc’ loans. If you are unable to provide your tax returns then you may still be able to borrow money providing you can meet certain criteria. Speak to one of our Loan Consultants for further information on Lo Doc loans.

Yes, there are Non Conforming load products available that may suit you. Speak to us and we may be able to help.