Settlement day is the day that you (or your representative) meet with the vendor to swap your cheque with their title of ownership. Cherish this moment, because with most people this certificate will quickly go to your lender, unless you are lucky enough to purchase the property outright.

Government departments need to be notified of the change in ownership, and this is typically taken care of by your solicitor or conveyancer. Now the drudgery begins.

Telephones, electricity, gas, water, pay TV and insurance all needs to be in place now that the property is will and truly yours. Little things like food in the fridge is probably a good idea as well!

Congratulations, you are now the proud owner of your new home. It’s only taken you ten steps to get here, and now you are a property owning veteran. What will be next? A newer, larger, better home in five years time? Maybe this will be the first purchase in your property investment portfolio?

Regardless of your future movements, there is probably nothing more stressful than making your first purchase. Mistakes will be made and lessons will be learnt, but isn’t that what life is all about?